“Duslyk” and “Ak bahet”

Activities, goals and objectives

 Samara Regional creative public organization “Duslyk” (“Friendship”) and Samara city creative public organization “Ak bahet” (“White Happiness”) was created in May 10, 2011.

The main objectives of these organizations are:

- Promotion of Tatar culture, to the full development of the individual by means of cultural and educational activities;

- Creating conditions for the practical implementation of programs for the conservation and revival of traditional folk art, supporting initiatives amateur groups and promote their use

- Promoting the creative professional workers social and cultural;

- Creation of conditions for the preservation of the national language;

- Revival of commitment to national, spiritual and moral traditions and customs;

- Identify and support talented young people, creating conditions for self-development and self-growth promotion younger generation;

- The awakening and strengthening of youth interest in full development, the strengthening of friendship;

- Raising the cultural level of the inhabitants of the Samara region.

The very name of the organization “Duslyk” is translated from Tatar as friendship. This means that the activities within the organization based on common interests, mutual respect, mutual trust, goodwill. And the friendship unites members, help consolidate and strengthen their unity and helps to use and direct their potential for the revival and development of the national culture, language and traditions.

 Public organization “Duslyk” (“Friendship”) and “Ak bahet” (“White Happiness”) conduct their activities in the following areas:

 - A literary movement:

 awakening interest in the arts through the Tatar acquaintance with the works of famous Tatar writers and poets, and report to the youth social value of their work, fostering respect and reverence for the great Tatar poet and writer. In May 2011, the House of Friendship Samara region was held “An Evening of Poetry”, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Gabdulla Tukai, where viewers were introduced to the biography and work of the great Tatar poet, there was a block of poems about love, home of the Great Patriotic War, and held an interesting quiz.

 - Sport (Sport and Recreation)

 sports events in order to maintain physical health, improving the health and health promotion. Movement – that’s life, so the organization strive convey to young people the importance of sport to help increase physical activity. Thus, for the implementation of this direction in May 2011, was organized by the exit to the recreation center “Flight”, where the competition took place in volleyball. Also weekly everyone gathered in the gymnasium of the Tatar school “Yaktylyk” for volleyball.

 - The spiritual and religious:

 this area is focused on the spiritual and moral education of young people. Together with the Muslim community in the region carries out activities thematic meetings to raise awareness among young people about Islam, discuss issues related to the Muslim religion, applied to the study of Arabic, and generally expand the cultural and moral outlook and strengthening the spiritual values ​​of the younger generation.

 One of the events organized in pursuance of this objective is to conduct a “iftar” – the evening meal during Ramadan in August 2011, “Iftar” in Arabic means to break their fast. At the event, attended by the imam of the mosque in Samara Historical Nail-Hazrat Biktaev. At the end of “iftar” a conversation dedicated to the spiritual values ​​of the holy month of Ramadan: Fasting, the importance of charity and acts of charity, as well as broader issues of keeping the spiritual traditions of the youth and the succession of generations.

 Activists of “Duslyk” and “Ak bahet” participated in the Festival of Muslim Youth (July 2011.), Organized a youth center “Idel” in Kazan, during which delegates attended lectures, participated in seminars and workshops on the topic of Islam and the history of Islam, discussing issues of concern to contemporary Muslim youth, met with scientists and religious and community leaders.

 - Cultural Influences:

 this area is focused on the preservation of national identity, the development of the national culture. Assumes the purpose of dissemination of knowledge of young people about the cultural heritage of the people, education of love and respect for national culture. Кaising national awareness, knowledge of the native language, demonstrating the cultural significance of the traditions and rituals of the Tatar people and joint efforts to preserve these traditions.



The president of Samara regional creative public organization “Duslyk” is Fakhrutdin KANYUKAEV He came to the Tartar social movement in the late 80′s, when it passed its infancy.

 Where to start to revive forgotten traditions and customs of the people? How to restore the historical and cultural heritage of their ancestors? And most importantly – how to awaken the population of most healthy national consciousness?

 Among the first of activists who are concerned these issues was Kanyukaev F.B. He proposed to based Tatar cultural center. The organization decided to start with the national holiday “Sabantuy.” This idea united many people. The first “Sabantuy” in Kuibyshev was in 1989. He gave a great impetus to the awakening of the national consciousness of the population.

 In the cultural center began to receive many people to do share to the cultural revival of the Tatar people. Later, he grows into a large public organization – the Samara regional Tatar society “Tugan Tel” (“mother language”). Now it is taken for more ambitious goals, such as the establishment of regional newspaper in the Tatar language, opening the city Tatar schools, construction of Russia’s largest mosque.

 Deciding these challenges will require, to establish constructive cooperation with the regional government.

Since 2001 Kanyukaev FB always elected as a member of the Council. He was instructed to issues of cultural cooperation between the Republic of Tatarstan and Samara region. His efforts in this direction got results. – Samara residents gets opportunity to enjoy the works of the famous Kamal Academic Theatre, State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, and the residents of the Tatar capital acquainted with talented game Samara Drama Theatre.

 In 2005, in honor of the 1000th anniversary of Kazan Kanyukaev FB was awarded the medal “In memory of the 1000th anniversary of Kazan”, established by decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

 In 2007 FB Kanyukaev elected Vice-President of”Tugan Tel”, then – President. At the same time he is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Public Organization – World Congress of Tatars. May 10, 2011 Fahretdin Kanyukaev creates Samara regional creative public organization “Duslyk” (“Friendship”) and became its president.

 In 1983 Fahretdin Kanyukaev graduated from high school in 1984 with honors – Technical School № 66 Kuibyshev, 1988 – Kuibyshev Industrial-Pedagogical College of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers for Vocational Training, 1992 – Ulyanovsk Pharmaceutical College, in 2005 – Samara Medical Institute “REAVIZ”, in 2009 – Volga Region Academy for Civil Service named Stolypin Saratov specialization “State and Municipal Management”, in 2010 he defended his thesis and was awarded a Ph.D. in economics.

 Skills to communicate openly with people, active life, acquired for public works, helped to Kanyukaev to make progress in the business. He established pharmacy chain “Alia” came out on the federal level.

 Success in business allowed him to became the main sponsor of major projects in the field of culture – regional national holidays “Sabantui”, “Sembele”, “Nowruz”, which are now united by tens of thousands of people of different nationalities.

 In 2010, on request of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev to the Governor of Samara Region Vladimir Artyakov was held large Sabantuy. It was in Alkino country Pokhvistnevo district Samara region. The place of the festival was chosen not randomly. Because it is the area where pay more attention to traditions and customs. One of the organizers of this festival was Kanyukaev FB At the same time it was the largest sponsor of the festival. The winner in the Tatar national struggle “keryash” handed Sabantui prize – a new car «Toyota Corolla».

 Public activities of Kanyukaev FB received numerous awards Governor of Samara Region, Samara Regional Duma, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Samara region and the Russian Federation, the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars, the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia. He was also awarded the title of Honored Worker of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan.

 Kanyukaev FB of productive work shows an example of a harmonious combination business and culture, thus contributing to the enrichment of the Russian national culture multicolored and strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between peoples.

 Fahretdin Kanyukaev with his wife, Lily, in the spirit of national traditions raising four daughters – Aliya, Daniya, Adilya and Amina.