Teenagers from poor families pay for social success poor health

The cost of social success for young people from poor families are poor health and premature aging, US researchers found. So break out of the ghetto of poverty, discrimination and drug abuse is possible, but only with damage to health. Materials new study are presented in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers worked with 292 African-American teenagers from rural areas of Georgia. At the beginning of the study, they were 17 years old at the time of closure – 22 year.

The Queen Elizabeth II left the list of the richest people in the UK

The Queen Elizabeth II left the list of the richest people in the UK, which is annually newspaper The Sunday Times. It is reported by Reuters noted that the ranking includes 300 wealthiest Britons. This year the Queen has lost 17 positions and was on the 302 th place. The Queen is on the list every year since 1989. Independent experts evaluated the state of Elizabeth II at 110 million pounds (170 million dollars).

The most stingy person in the world

Why American multimillionaire ate cold oatmeal and never washed

Buying the owner did not include the millions of hot water and heating, selling to read the newspaper, did not wash his hands, not washed, ate only cold porridge, drinking water from the tap. A savings in the operation was over for her son gangrene and amputation. Superlative greed Henrietta Green hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most miserly person in the world. And it’s not just words. Woman earns every year several million dollars, was economical to madness. So, she wore only a faded from long socks dress that never erased except for the lower part, concerning walking the earth. And underwear altogether replaced only when it perish, and broke, coming to complete uselessness. Plus the house Greene was not even bath soap, since she never washed. It is easy to imagine how this unwashed owner of millions of oozed “flavor”, reinforced even the smell of raw onion mouth – she chewed it constantly so as not to get sick. By the way, if you visit the pharmacy could not be avoided, then the message to the pharmacist that the bubble in which she sells medicine, worth five cents, she always responded unequivocally: went home and came back with their packaging. As underwear and clothes for children (when up to it yet it comes) she bought exclusively in a junk shop, desperate bargaining with the seller for every cent.

Meet the woman who says she hasn’t smiled for FORTY YEARS… so she doesn’t get wrinkles

Tess Christian’s female friends look the picture of merriment when they get together for their frequent Friday nights out in a local restaurant. Champagne flows, the conversation gets steadily more raucous and peals of laughter hang over their table. But there’s always an odd one out in the happy scene: Tess, 50, who sits stony-faced while her friends giggle around her. Not even a flicker of a smile, let alone a laugh, escapes her lips. Tess isn’t devoid of humour, but for nearly 40 years she has made a conscious decision not to laugh or smile — even at the birth of her daughter. This is because Tess says that maintaining a perennial poker face is a crucial way to keeping her — admittedly, impressive — youthful looks. ‘I don’t have wrinkles because I have trained myself to control my facial muscles,’ says Tess, ‘Everyone asks if I’ve had Botox, but I haven’t, and I know that it’s thanks to the fact I haven’t laughed or smiled since I was a teenager. My dedication has paid off, I don’t have a single line on my face Yes, I am vain and want to remain youthful. My strategy is more natural than Botox and more effective than any expensive beauty cream or facial.’ 

Sharapova defeated Williams in the finals of Australian Open

 Maria Sharapova lost to Serena Williams in the final match of Australian Open. The meeting, which took place on the court, “Rod Laver Arena” in Melbourne, ended with the victory of the first racket of the world with a score of 6: 3, 7: 6 (7: 5). Broadcast of the match led. The meeting, which during the first set was interrupted for 15 minutes because of rain, lasted 1 hour and 51 minutes. The main weapon was the winner of supply. During the meeting Williams filed 18 times right through.

“In just 9.99″ and other tricks of sellers who can notice in time

 ”Sales: All products by 9.99″. How often do we see such price tags in stores? Reduce the cost of goods by one penny very fond of supermarkets and grocery stores, on the ruble – sellers of consumer electronics. These technologies were back in the XIX century and are called “psychological pricing.” At the end of the twentieth century, under this practice have brought a scientific basis. First in 1996, Schindler & Kibarian conducted a study using women’s clothing catalogs. They released two versions of a price using prices ending in 00, 99, or 88. It turned out that there was no difference between the prices of “the zeros” and smaller 12 cents 88-price tags in terms of sales was not. Whereas at a price ending in 99, to buy clothes became an 8 percent increase. It seems that these results have believed many sellers.

Travelers going to Europe for a meal , and in the US – for bicycles

North and South America attract travelers by  cycling . In England, a new kind of hotel , which is that – somewhere between hostels and expensive hotels . But in continental Europe is booming gastronomic tourism : people go to Italy and Spain for the local cuisine. The company Euromonitor International has produced a report on the growth of the tourism market in the coming years. Predictions from the experts the most optimistic in spite of the weakness of the world economy, the tourism sector will grow. Number of addresses in countries in 2013 reached a record 1.1 billion people – then the increase was 5.1%. In 2014, growth is projected Euromonitor, should reach 4.7%. Worldwide sales are growing hotel and airfare. The growth of the market is the growth of the middle class in developing countries. The higher the class earns, the more traveling the world. This concerns, first of all, Asians are gradually getting richer. Part of this trend may affect the Russians. Demand from people in developing countries today is setting new standards of tourist services market. They choose the cheapest loukostery – worldwide this trend shows a very rapid growth.  In fashion also includes a variety of virtual services like AirBNB, which greatly simplify travel planning and change habitual market structure with travel agencies, hotels, discount and charter flights.

Emigration makes people happier and richer

The fate of immigrants from former Soviet countries who left their homes in search of a better life in Europe, argues that advantages in exile still more than minuses.

3% of the population do not live in countries where they were born. Usually their homes leaving the citizens of developing countries who travel to the developed countries of the normal income and an acceptable quality of life. In their new homeland, they usually have many problems: can not find a common language with the locals, can not realize themselves, yearn for family, friends or at home. The conventional wisdom is that immigrants tend to be unhappy. Milena Nikolova and Carol Graham of the Brookings Institution decided to find out whether this is so. To do this, they analyzed data from Gallup polls on the level of life satisfaction of immigrants from the Soviet Union and the socialist bloc, living in Western Europe. No homesickness, no adjustment difficulties do not prevent them from being happy. Emigration has a positive effect on the level of life satisfaction of people who decided to leave their homeland. And it raises income: the average income of the families of migrants increased by $ 21,000, and the level of satisfaction with life – 1-1.2 on a scale of 0 to 10.

Cocaine snack

Prohibited substances are ingredients of popular dishes

Ordinary phrase that the food – it’s a drug, some people understood too literally. Fortunately, the craze diet containing psychotropic substances in the world are not observed, but some cases occur with surprising regularity.

Last week it became known that the enterprising owner of a Chinese noodle eateries are mixed into mashed poppy heads. Raw materials for the production of opium man applied, hoping to attract more visitors to the institution. And at the same time and make them permanent. Enterprising restaurateur bought two kilos heads for 600 yuan (about a hundred dollars), but they do not make full use of in time. Police appeared before. Now under Chinese law places lapshichnogo owner could face life imprisonment or even the death penalty. Catering in general quite often hesitant to experiment with psychoactive substances. Barkeeper of Marbella (Spain) decided that the love of alcohol does not make his clients to spend every evening it is in his institution. For starters, he introduced on the menu – cocaine. Drug corny pour into a bowl, and the top was covered peanuts. Bar owner eventually arrested, and the locals told us that the bar actually always traded in drugs, and it was no secret to anyone.

Wikipedia refuses to delete photo as ‘monkey owns it’

Wikimedia, the non-profit organisation behind Wikipedia, has refused a photographer’s repeated requests to stop distributing his most famous shot for free – because a monkey pressed the shutter button and should own the copyright. Wikimedia, the US-based organisation behind Wikipedia, has refused a photographer’s repeated requests to remove one of his images which is used online without his permission, claiming that because a monkey pressed the shutter button it should own the copyright. British nature photographer David Slater was in Indonesia in 2011 attempting to get the perfect image of a crested black macaque when one of the animals came up to investigate his equipment, hijacked a camera and took hundreds of selfies.