Eid al Adha holiday 2013


Eid al-Adha – one of the most important days of the Islamic calendar, marking the end of fasting, which lasted during the holy month of Ramadan. In keeping with the tradition of Islam, it is in this day Allah sent Prophet Muhammad first verses of the Koran.

Post Eid al-Adha – is not eating, drinking, smoking and sex during daylight. As explained by religious scholars, such period shall be deemed not any certain hours, and all day from dawn to dusk.

Eight halls accommodate six confessions

A Religious Center opened in the Universiade Village today. Designated prayer rooms are situated on two floors of the International Information Center. The clergy conducted the first services in the morning, whilst the rooms are open for all-comers since this afternoon. We would like to point out that the believers can visit the center at all hours.

Also, a single building houses the halls of six major confessions: Orthodoxy, Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and Buddhism. There is a total of 8 halls, around 70 sq. meters each, including separate male and female Muslim halls and conversation rooms for Buddhists. All the premises are furnished according to the religious requirements.

Tatarstan Elects New Mufti


KAZAN, Russia — Kamil Samigullin has been unanimously elected the new mufti of Tatarstan at a congress of Islamic clerics in Kazan. 

Samigullin, 28, has been acting mufti, the religious leader of Tatarstan’s Muslims, since March 2013, when Mufti Ildus Faizov resigned due to health problems.

Faizov was wounded in a bombing in July 2012.

His aide, Valilulla Yakupov, was shot dead in a separate attack the same day.

Samigullin has studied in religious schools in Tatarstan, in Daghestan, and in Turkey.

In his first speech, the new mufti thanked the president of Tatarstan, Rustem Minnikhanov, and all Muslims for their trust and support.

Tatarstan’s President Makes ‘Minor’ Hajj To Mecca

 Тatarstan’s President Rustam Minnikhanov has arrived in Saudi Arabia and visited Mecca, where he performed the “umrah,” or “minor hajj,” an Islamic pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year.  Minnikhanov was invited to Saudi Arabia by the chief of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. Minnikhanov’s trip comes as a plenum of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims in Tatarstan has named April 17 as the date of the election for a new mufti. There are three candidates for the religious post, including the current acting mufti, 28-year-old Kamil Samigullin. The previous mufti, Ildus Faizov, resigned at the start of March for health reasons. He was wounded in a bombing in July 2012. His  aide, Valilulla Yakupov, was shot dead in a separate attack the same day.

Moscow Mayor says no to more mosques in the city

The Mayor of Moscow says there are no plans to build a new mosque in the city, and says the ‘excessive’ number of economic migrants was a ‘harmful thing’.

It has turned out that the praying Muslims are not at all Russian citizens and they are not Moscow residents. They are labor migrants. There are only 10 percent of Moscow residents among them and building mosques for everyone who wants it – I think this will be over the top,” Sergey Sobyanin said in an interview with Moscow’s Echo radio.

” … Imagine the girls (from «Pussy Riot»- approx. Ed.) Entered the Mosque. We would not have seen them, they would be burned alive out there … “

 From an interview Gerard Depardieu to program “News of the Week” on January 12 (according to Euronews).

 It takes to phobias based on religious and ethnic intolerance are least susceptible educated people, advanced, self-contained, have been successful in life. It is mistaken: Gerard Depardieu a hundred percent fit this definition. But, nevertheless, his comment about the “guaranteed-obligatory” burning girls singing in “mosque”, in the case of their appearance for all two hundred percent fit the article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: “Actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity as well as the humiliation of a person or group of persons on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, religion, or membership in a social group, committed publicly or through the media. “

Talip Yarullin: “One criminal person negatively affects the perception of all people”

 Mufti of the Samara region, Chairman of the Regional Muslim Board Talip Yarullin commented to “Volga News” the offer the State Duma Committee on Nationalities of the development of a law prohibiting the mention in the media nationality of criminals.

Violators will be penalized up to locking media. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to support the law. Talip Yarullin believes the proposal is timely.

 ”We have already discussed the possibility of the media is not showing of religious criminals. The offender has no nationality. He should be judged by the laws that are set in the state. And how often is it that at the mention of ethnicity or religious person who has committed a crime, then judge the entire nation, and religion, “- he expressed his opinion.

The last appearance and speech of of Waliulla Yakupov: Tatars do not think about their national future

Waliullah Yakupov, shot yesterday morning in his house, the day before yesterday had participated in a “Round Table” in the Russian Islamic University.

“Tatars do not think about their national future, they are fatal internationalists”

The round table was held on the issue of “Islam and the concept of the Tatar world.”

In his speech, Waliullah Yakupov said: “Our whole world is engulfed in cynicism, it turned into a playground of struggle for selfish interests. In these conditions we need to raise the issue of national self-interest in the education of the Tatar people. Every nation is struggling, even to bloodshed for their own interests. But our people are in no hurry to think about their national future. Tatars remain incorrigible internationalists.”

Mufti Talip hazrat Yarullin opposed entry into the school head teachers in the position of the clergy

November 15th joint meeting of the Public Commission for Education of the Committee on Education and Science and the Public Commission on Culture Committee for Culture, Sport and Youth Policy. The main theme for the gathering was to discuss the educational process in schools Samara region, the press service of the Samara Regional Duma. The meeting was chaired by Chairman of the Education Igor Vershinin. The meeting was attended by members, school teachers, specialists of the regional Ministry of Education and representatives of different faiths.

The reason for the meeting was the initiative of the deputy Dmitry Sivirkin to review the possibility of introducing in schools in the region office head teachers – spiritual mentors. Opinions during the discussion it was set.

In Samara region, in the auditorium of Chapayevsk Chemical Engineering College held a celebration of the International Day of Tolerance

In Samara region, in the auditorium of Chapayevsk Chemical Engineering College held a celebration of the International Day of Tolerance. It was attended by Deputy Governor of Chapaevsk S.Gavrilov, head of the Committee of Public Safety Administration of Chapaevsk N.Vasilchenko and other officials, students and teaching staff college.

The state and the problem of tolerance in today highlighted in his speech the President Adviser of “Duslyk” Mr. Ideal Galyautdinov. Here is what he said:

“Assalyamu galyaykum wa rahmatullahi. Peace to your home, family and friends! Dear participants of today’s celebration! As you can see, I went out in front of you in skullcap, Tatar national headdress. This means that I – Tatar nationality. Although “in Kazan, I – Tatar, in Almaty – Kazakh at Poltava – a Ukrainian and Ossetians in the mountains …” So wrote the great bard of the Kazakh people Jambul Djambala, emphasizing the international character of the people living in our country. Yes, by origin I am tatar, I know the language, history, culture and religion of the people. But I also know the great Russian language and consider it second native language.