Merkel urged Putin to exert pressure on the Republic of South Eastern Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Russian President Vladimir Putin put pressure on the self-proclaimed DNI and LC referring to the official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert The two leaders held a telephone conversation during which also raised issues of constitutional reform in Ukraine and the organization of local elections in Donbass agreed with the representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk zakonodatelstvusoobschaet Kremlin Agreed to continue active joint work within the framework of the so-called format including the Norman in the coming days a meeting of Foreign Ministers – said in a statement

Turkey put up for sale more than a thousand hotels

In Turkey, hoteliers put up for sale about 1,3 thousands of hotels on the coast of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean because of the deteriorating security situation in the country and the crisis in relations with Russia. This RIA Novosti reports referring to the newspaper Zaman. The aggregate value of these hotels is estimated at about 30 billion Turkish lira (10 billion dollars), their capacity – 153 thousand people. Most hotels put up for sale in Antalya, most focused on the Russian market.

Lavrov did not find in the Russian territory to return to Ukraine

“We have nothing to return (…) Crimea is the territory of the Russian Federation in full accordance with the will of the people [Peninsula]“, – the minister said. “It is possible, of course, to follow the logic that preach our Ukrainian colleagues, saying that this year will take the Donbass, and next year will take away the Crimea, in fact need to talk about the implementation of agreements in Minsk,” – said Lavrov.

Russia called the “most serious challenge” for the United States

 The American higher “war cabinet” was seriously alarmed by the rapid restoration of Russian army, especially its naval component. The Office of Naval Intelligence, even ordered a report of one of its experts to George Fedoroff. The study was a meaningful name – “Navy Russia: implementation of the historical change.” The expert, ironically also has Russian roots (judging by his last name), made unfavorable to his superiors conclusions – Russian navy regained their strength and are now in size among the top three world leaders, along with the US and Chinese navies, according to publication Daily Beast.

Khodorkovsky on the international wanted list

Investigative Committee announced an international arrest warrant the former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky says the agency According to investigators, Khodorkovsky as a shareholder and chairman of the oil company Yukos – Years instructed subordinate employees Nevzlin and Pichugin and others killing Petukhov Nefteyugansk mayor and businessman Rybin, whose official activity contrary to the interests of Yukos – said in a press release SC

80 percent of Russians feel the economic crisis

In the survey, “Levada Center” 80 percent of respondents said that Russia is an economic crisis, said on Thursday, December 17, “Interfax”. 15 percent of survey participants crisis in the country do not. Those who speak about the crisis, assess its duration almost equally distributed. One in five (19 percent) believe that the crisis will last for a year and a half, 22 per cent of it takes away at least two years. Almost the same number (21 percent) believe that the crisis “will take some time, its effects will manifest themselves for many years.” 23 percent of responding chose “difficult to say how long the crisis will last and how deep it will be.

The World Bank predicted a fall in oil prices

 The average oil price in 2015 will amount to $ 52 per barrel, soobschaetVsemirny Bank. Earlier international organization talked about the 57 dollars per barrel. This forecast oil prices in 2016 deteriorated by $ 10 – from 61 to 51 dollars per barrel. The revision is associated with large amounts of fuel stocks, the elasticity of supply (at the moment it is redundant) and waiting for the Iranian energy market.

The communists in Turkey and considered a threat to Tunisia

Deputies of the State Duma faction of the Communist Party and V.Rashkin S.Obuhov. Deputies of the State Duma faction of the Communist Party called on President Vladimir Putin to suspend air communication with Turkey and Tunisia, as it did with Egypt, the newspaper “Izvestia”. How to find MPs Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov, flights to these countries is risky because of the presence there of terrorists connected with the organization “Islamic State” (LIH), which some countries have been implicated in the collapse of the A321 aircraft over Sinai. “In less than a year in Turkey, there were seven attacks.

Media reported the thermal runaway of the Sinai before the crash A321

American thermal infrared satellite recorded a flash on the Sinai Peninsula, where the sky was a passenger aircraft Airbus A321 airline “Kogalymavia.” This was reported by TV channel CBS News. It is noted that the experts examine the data from the satellite for what could cause an outbreak. According to the TV channel, one of the reasons could be an explosion in the fuel tank or the engine, while also not be excluded that detonating the bomb. A senior official in the Ministry of Defense said NBC News, which recorded outbreak virtually eliminates that the crash occurred because the plane hit the ground running with a rocket. In this case, he said, it would be a fixed thermal footprint. Another source at the US military said that «Airbus A321 broke apart at very high altitude.”

Named the Russian term landing astronauts on the moon

Russian cosmonauts go to the moon and land on its surface in 2029. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, at a conference on space technology, said the head of Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia” Vladimir sun. “2029 – manned flight to the moon and landing on it,” – said the head of the company, which produces the only currently manned spacecraft series “Union”, the person delivering the International Space Station (ISS).