Russia called the “most serious challenge” for the United States

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 The American higher “war cabinet” was seriously alarmed by the rapid restoration of Russian army, especially its naval component. The Office of Naval Intelligence, even ordered a report of one of its experts to George Fedoroff. The study was a meaningful name – “Navy Russia: implementation of the historical change.” The expert, ironically also has Russian roots (judging by his last name), made unfavorable to his superiors conclusions – Russian navy regained their strength and are now in size among the top three world leaders, along with the US and Chinese navies, according to publication Daily Beast. According to the publication, a similar full-scale study carried out for the first time in 24 years, which is not surprising – previously this was not required due to the significant weakening of Russia’s role in world politics. Now the situation has changed radically. At this point (in unconcealed surprise US intelligence) it turned out that the Russian Navy has 186 battle-ready Russian submarines and ships of various classes, making it the size of the third largest in the world. Russian warships are combat watch in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans, as well as in the Black, Baltic, Caspian and Mediterranean Seas. “Since the 2000s, as the stabilization of the situation in Russia, the Russian authorities have focused their attention on the restoration of its armed forces, including the navy. In the next decade, Russia will continue to take further significant steps to enhance the capacity in this area. As well as strengthening its participate in a wide range of international issues “, – the report says. “Ends wound suspended program, developed and put into practice new projects to equip the Russian Navy submarines and ships of the 21st century. For example, the introduction of missile complex” Caliber “will allow the Russian Navy to substantially expand the opportunities to contain and destroy enemy targets” – sure George Fedoroff. Also, according to experts, is now at the helm of the Russian army and navy is a completely new post-Soviet generation of officers. “

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